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Callaway Golf Bags


Stylish and utilitarian, Callaway golf bags are known for giving golfers of all levels that professional, classy look when they are out on the course while also providing them with the means to carrying around their “golf stuff” - golf balls, etc. You might not be Mickelson, Woods, Singh, or anyone like that as a golfer, but you can still look just as good as they do out on the links. Callaways are also made in different styles to meet the preferences and needs of those who golf with different styles. Some people prefer strolling around the course while others prefer to ride in the golf cart, for instance. Callaway has thought of “everything” when it comes to golfing bags!

Callaway's walking bags are designed with the walking golfer in mind, so that they are lightweight by comparison to other golf bags and are made with a more efficient design so that all of the basic equipment, including some beverages, can be carried in them. By making golf bags lighter and more efficient, the exhaustion that sets in from carrying the golf bag all across the course for 18 holes, an exhaustion that will of course have a negative impact on your play, gets minimized. Callaway makes some models of walker's bags with nicely padded shoulder straps designed for the bag to hang across one of your shoulders, while others are designed with the criss-cross style so that the bag hangs across your back. They also make some of these golfing bags with fold out stand so that your accessories and golf clubs are not merely strewn on the ground where they could get soiled or wet. By having your clubs stood up, you are facilitated with choosing your next club faster, too. A word of caution: walking bags are not intended for use in a golf cart since they have a tendency to flop around in the back of the cart.

Callaway golf bags

Speaking of cart bags, Callaway golf stand bags are also made in this style. If you plan on using a cart, or if you simply don't care about strolling around the course to see all the sights, you'll be riding in a golf cart and cart bags are designed just for you. They will be heavier and more capacious than the walking bags. Cart bags have the advantage of being made with internal cylinders to house your clubs so that they don't become all tangled up as you move about. Also, you can simply open up the bag in the back of the cart and take a club right out, then quickly and easily replace it, thus facilitating faster and more ergonomic play. Remember, the cart bag is not designed to be carried around on foot--it's designed to be able to carry more golfing stuff and keep your clubs more organized within the bag. So if you got a cart bag but thought you'd be a walker on the course anyway, you could seriously strain your shoulder or back, or simply find yourself getting tired out and your play suffering as a result. Besides choosing cart bags with nice dividers for your clubs, use golf club head covers, and only take a cart bag able to stand up on its base without toppling. Callaway golf bags are such high quality that all of this will be easy to find in their models.

Callaway golf bags also come in travel models. These bags are designed mainly for golf club and accessory protection for the traveling golfer. Are you taking a trip out to San Diego or Augusta on a golfing tour? You want your valuable equipment well protected indeed--especially if you'll be taking an airplane, as your bags will have to be passed through customs and handled by baggage handlers, none of whom may not be as concerned about your golfing clubs and accessories as their owner is!

Callaway golf bags exist in models that will fulfill any golfer's needs whether they love to walk, prefer to ride, or need to travel. Other great golf bags include: Ogio golf bags, Titleist golf bags and Ping golf bags.